Rich Communication Systems – The Next-Gen Brand Communication? #series2

Rich Communication Systems (RCS) is turning tables in the field of brand communication.

The commercial outlook RCS offers interesting and exciting possibilities for brands to create and enable the smart and rich mode of communications with their target audience.

Due to RCS, the brand communication narrative is going to change as this new technology will enable them to download content, group chat, file share, and even allow the users to do bookings.

The possibility and opportunities for RCS integration in brand communication are limitless.

Currently, SMS-Brand Communication is worth above $70 billion and with the introduction of RCS, major operators have launched their RCS intending to get a head-start.

Some of the key features for brand Communication via RCS:

  • Branding Opportunities

RCS enables brands to brand their communication messages with a logo and name, This helps the brands to be more visible and open the doors to creativity.

  • Ease Of Use Features

RCS provides the brands the opportunities such as a call to action for URLs, maps, and calendars as well as good features like QR code tools for ticketing, tracking, and redeem options.

  • Smart Media

RCS provides brands a platform to use media such as images, videos, and gifs for brand communication.

  • Quick Response

RCS platforms are enabling brands to customize responses to make the user experience more goal-driven and user friendly.

  • Metrics & Customer Safety

RCS business messaging allows brands to manage the data power such as Client base DLRs and read receipts along with customer safety features such as verified sender features.


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