Rich Communication Services (RCS) – The Next Gen Mobile Communication Services

Rich Communication Service (RCS) is a new service which is replacing the concept of SMS. Although the idea was coined in 2007, it has taken more than a decade for it to see some global deployments.

Even though SMS is still bagging a high usage percentage, it lacks the rich features which are now readily available in OTT apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat, such as exchange of images, audio/video, documents and group chats.

However, RCS brings with it the advantages of enhanced SIM based security, global interoperability and does not require the user to download any apps.

Industry giants like Google have already made a move and rolled out the RCS feature in the UK and France. Android devices now come with RCS features and Google’s partnerships with Samsung smartphones has lead to a substantial user adoption of the same.

From a brand communication perspective RCS is a game changer, RCS Business messaging is enabling the brands and network providers to roll out modern ways of brand communication with new age chatbots, in-chat search and AI.

Currently all the major service providers support the RCS protocol.

Image Source: digitaltrends

China’s top 5 telecom operators have rolled out RCS, while in the US a lot of operators are now supporting RCS. The formation of CCMI ( Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative) is likely to get a further boost to RCS.

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