Emerging trends in UI and UX for 2021

The growth curve is ever rising when it comes to technological improvements. UI and UX is not an exception. As the demand for attractive and interactive methods of drawing customers and to capture their attention continues to grow, it is high time we realise that various UI and UX designs are among the best possible solutions. In this blog, we will try to take a look at the trends that make UI and UX so enticing.

  1. Remembering passwords – When there is an option to create an account on a web platform, it is ideal to keep an option that allows the system to remember passwords. Forgetting passwords have become .ore common than ever with the inclusion of numbers and special characters, so it is imperative that there is an option to securely remember passwords so that the users don’t have to go through the entire process of resetting their passwords.
  2. UX Writing – Tech giant Google saw a 17% spike in engagement with a little tweak in their UX writing. As cliché creative and decorative words have lost their value, studies show that it is best to display the absolutely critical information to users. Effective and smart UX writing has shown a better rate of engagement and a significant rise in the conversion of leads to clients.
  3. Dark Mode – This UI design has already created a lot of ripples in 2020 and set for itself a promising premise to justify its coming domination in 2021. Users have found that the dark mode is much more soothing for their eyes. All of the big tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple introduced dark mode with the intention of making the UX much easier as was suggested in their marketing campaigns. Dark mode is significantly different from existing thematic schemes and that catches the attention of the user and it is also known to highlight the design elements making the reason of engagement for users much more prominent and saves battery for the monitor as well.
  4. Air Gesture control – It will be of little surprise if another technological marvel such as the air gesture control dominates the UI UX trends in 2021. In the world of UI design, there is perpetual striving for something little different and new. Air Gesture control is one such design which replaces all touch screen gesture mechanism making itself more intriguing and popular among the users.
  5. Design elements based on 3D – 3D UI and UX designs have shown a tremendous engagement rate among users. In 2021, 3D UX and UI will be integrated with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) which will enable the UI and UX designers to create hyper-realistic 3D visuals that will keep the audience engaged on a website for a longer period of time. To perfectly present 3D content, the web application must be necessarily well-optimized and generally fast so that the content has the intended effect on the website visitors.
  6. Elements that are hand-drawn – 2020 has already shown that hand-drawn elements possess the capability to dominate the UI and UX design space. So, in 2021 we believe hand-drawn elements will gain further popularity. As we continuously stretch the boundaries of reality and get involved in the digital world, there is a growing necessity to keep an element of human nature in the virtual space as well. Hand drawn elements induce positive emotions in website users as the users find these often incomplete elements unique and are a welcome escape from UI and UX designs loaded with virtual elements. Hand-drawn elements are useful for capturing the attention of both regular and potential customers.
  7. Skeuomorphic Design – Skeuomorphic design is a term used in the world of UI designing to refer to something which is represented digitally but exists in reality. As users strive every day in search of some tangibility from the world they are engrossed in, designers in 2021 will resort to Skeuomorphic designs to give the users a feel of the real-life elements that have been so long missing in the virtual world.
  8. Floating elements and layers – A growing trend among UI and UX designers, adding layers and floating visuals gives the users a soothing and light experience, away from the hustle and bustle of all the websites that are dominated by pixel heavy content.
  9. Voice-based UI – Voice User Interface or VUI is also a rising trend in the UI and UX design. A VUI can help boost a website’s presence and leave a lasting impression on the visitors of the website. The advent and rise of Voice assistants and voice chatbots mean there is an immediate need to develop proper VUIs to engage the users.
  10. Custom Navigation – Another UI and UX design that is tipped to dominate the UI space in 2021. Navigation both hidden and visible guides the users and keeps them engaged. A navigation panel should be designed in a way that makes the process of delivering information seamlessly.
  11. Full Screen – The effects of using a full screen are quite evident as users usually benefit from the information that is displayed all over the screen. Fullscreen has so far been the most effective tool to capture a user’s attention.
  12. Micro Interactions – We are all aware of the success Facebook has had with micro-interactions. The main advantage of micro-interactions is that it focuses primarily on the user and makes the process of engagement more interactive than it usually is. For designers looking for a designing approach focused mainly on the human element, micro-interactions are a must as it allows the users to interact with the interface at a particular juncture in real-time.
  13. Extensive usage of videos – Videos are the most engaging and experience-enhancing form of content and it gets across the message that is being conveyed. 2021 will see a far more creative usage of videos to enhance the quality of UI and UX.
  14. Bold fonts – 2020 didn’t see much usage of big and bold fonts and that has paved the way for designers to understand what they are missing out on. As visitors mainly scan the heading first, it can be an effective strategy to put the heading in bold typography. It can also be helpful if the information about certain products and services can be put in bold which automatically enhances the UX.
  15. Augmented Reality – Augmented Reality is gaining momentum in all fields and it has shown its positive influence in gaming already. AR is tipped to be trendy among UI and UX designers in 2021 as there are new avenues in which it can be implemented.
  16. AI and automation – Usage of Artificial Intelligence will grow in number in 2021 as designers are exploring new ways to use AI to deliver excellent UX.
  17. Data visualization – Data visualization helps users and customers who visit the website to easily grasp the information that is usually being displayed on a website. Data visualization plays an important role in turning leads into customers. Data visualization is a UX design tool that will have a significant impact and influence in 2021.
  18. Virtual events – Like everything else, the pandemic has had its effect on the event industry as well. One excellent and innovative approach to enhance UX is to create an immersive experience through virtual events. Being able to attend webinars and conferences from the comfort of one’s home is what makes virtual events so popular among users. Online virtual events will gain even more popularity in 2021.

Conclusively, it can be said that in 2021 the world of UI and UX will see growth in an innovative approach. Designers are increasingly exercising creative freedom to create a website that enhances UX. With the trends that are showing up, it is safe to say that innovations in the field of UIs will provide the users with a different kind of user experience.