Experience with IOT
We have expertise to build end to end IOT solutions comprising of sensors, housing, data digitization, streaming, storage and visualization (on web and mobile).
We have recently implemented sensor based monitoring of CTC tea production where we have used split core current, IR based temperature and humidity sensors to monitor various aspects of the production process including withering, cutting and fermentation. The system helps to improve the quality as well as reduce costs. Daily reports on the process parameters can be easily generated automatically.
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We have also developed a sensor based system for monitoring data centers where we can monitor supply outages and HVAC failures and automatically send out SMS, email notifications as well as shutdown servers safely.
Experience with SIP/IMS applications
We have extensive experience with designing and developing SIP/IMS based applications on Symbian, Rexx, Windows Mobile, Android and iOS platforms. We have executed these projects for Ecrio Inc, USA These include
Voice over IP and SMS over IP
With the advent of LTE networks, voice and sms applications on mobile phones will be SIP/IMS based. We have the privilege of the having developed the first such applications for the Verizon LTE networks.
Video Share
Video Share allows users engaged in a circuit switch voice call to add a unidirectional video streaming session over the packet network during the voice call. The source used for the video can be live from camera or can be a pre-recorded video clip.
Push to Talk over Cellular
Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) is a walkie-talkie like feature for mobile phones with a notion of a "floor" which allows half duplex communication among members of a chat group. The benefit of PoC is that it allows a single person to reach an active talk group at a button press, without having to make several calls to coordinate with a group. This application was deployed on the DoCoMo network in Japan
Enhanced Address Book
The Wireless Association@ (CTIA) Enhanced Messaging and Rich Communication Suite (RCS) initiative aims to speed up the evolution of mobile phone communication towards rich communication. It has laid down the specifications for an enhanced address book which provides service capabilities and presence information.
Experience with Mobile Commerce
Cross Platform Java SDK
We designed and developed an SDK for managing Alerts and Notifications from credit card companies as well as enable payments using NFC based chipsets. This was developed for Visa on behalf of Ecrio Inc
Mobile Couponing
We have designed and developed an application for Android and iOS which allows digital coupons to be redeemed at conventional bar code scanners. The application also manages the validity of the coupons using aa server side backend. This was developed for Mobeam Inc
Elevator maintenance application
We have designed and developed an application on Android phones using Adobe Flex to manage work orders related to maintenance of elevators in various buildings across geography. This activity is in the very early stages for a startup.
Authentic Marketing Platform
We have designed and developed a framework, which facilitates creation of templates for applications that take customer engagement and marketing to the next level. Product owners would be able to capture the experiences of the customers directly through these applications, which in turn would be available for review in the product's website. This would allow product development companies scope for deeper engagement with end users. The iOS application framework we have developed can capture audio / video / pictures / text and share story and can be easily extended to support a multitude of products covering from shoes and apparels to music conferences and volleyball coaching centers. A similar framework is also being developed on Android. This is developed for GoodStori
Projects & Experience on Oil & Drilling

Experience with Energistics Standards
We have been working for over a decade with the Energistics standards such as WITSML and PRODML. We have developed servers conforming to these standards which have been deployed world-wide on actual rigs.
These are high performance, realtime servers which can process data from thousands of sensors from hundreds of rigs simultaneously.
We have built various utilities and tools around these servers which can be used to process and visualize data ( both real-time and historical).
Projects & Experience on Internet & Networking

Web proxying and caching
Very often, it is required that the HTTP request/response communication between a browser and the web server be intercepted and altered to achieve a specific functionality. We have experience with two such implementations.
A proxy to pre-fetch and cache web pages This is a software which observes the browsing behavior of a user and is able to utilize off peak load hours to pre-fetch frequently used web pages and cache them so that the User's browsing experience is improved and the service provider is able to provision for a much lower peak load.
A proxy for co-browsing This is a software which tracks registered users and is able to enhance a person's browsing experience by allowing him to communicate with other users who are browsing the same site simultaneously.
We have built various utilities and tools around these servers which can be used to process and visualize data ( both real-time and historical).
We have experience with building softphones which communicate using SIP/RTP

Network based Energy Management

In a large network of machines, say, in a student laboratory, the machines are often idle and consuming power. However, by using a standalone server on the network, it is possible to monitor machine usage, learn usage patterns and then predict future machine usage.

This information can be utilized by the server to automatically turn machines on/off based on predictions and thus reduce power consumption while not affecting user satisfaction
Projects & Experience on Enterprise Applications

RFID and Retail
RFID based technology is widely used for tracking goods and inventory for various types of merchandise.

We have partnered with "Truecount Corporation" to build a RFID based inventory control system where the entire processing starting from RFID commissioning to Inventory lookup to POS integration could be carried out using the solution.


MIR - a protocol for allowing legacy systems to inter-operate with more modern desktop based solutions.
EMV Kernel - this was a complete EMV kernel implemented in .NET for use in ATM machines. This integrated with a hardware abstraction layer ( a software called Kalignite ) and was subsequently certified through EMV Labs in Spain.
Banca Posta - This was an online banking application developed for the Italian Postal department. We used MVC technology to build the front end and integrate it with the back-end.

Electrical Utilities

We have built a suite of sample web services and test applications around the MultiSpeak standard. This standard is used by small electrical utilities to allow their in-house applications to interoperate with each other. This work was developed for Albeado Inc (USA).