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Demo Mobile Apps

  • Store Walk Record Demo on Blackberry
    Demo Application Title : Store Walk Record

    Description : This demo application is intended for service engineers to report their work
    status from Blackberry device via mail.

    Installation and Usage Guide
  • Blackberry Remote Control Application
    Demo Application Title : Blackberry Remote Control Application

    This demo application is consisted of two components, one PC side component and one Blackberry device side component. The intention is to control the Blackberry device completely from the PC (including the device screen sharing in the PC side) over bluetooth or TCP/IP connection

    Download PC Component
    Installation and Usage Guide
  • Android GPS Tracker
    Demo Application Title : Android GPS Tracker

    This demo application is consisted of two components, one Server component and one Android device side component. The target of this application is to track the movement of the device based on GPS data through a server. The server is hosted at

    Download Android Application
    Installation and Usage Guide