We are working with Waagu as the software development wing in developing affordable telecommunication products targeted towards the SoHo market.
We are building an automated testing suite for verification of Kinetica's flagship product - a distributed database utilizing the GPU for parallel processing.
We have been working as an extended software development arm of Ecrio since 2001 and have developed various applications and frameworks for IMS networks on a variety of mobile platforms.
We have been providing software design, development and test services using .NET technologies in the area of oil drilling since 2002.
We have been developing software for Geologix in the areas of graphing and data management for the oil and gas industry since 2005.
We are partnering with GoodStori (since 2011) to develop a platform for branding and personalized story telling.
We are partnering with Dhaani (since 2009) to develop a system for network based power management.
We are partnering with ICTEAS to develop various custom software solutions using Java/J2EE technologies.
We have been partnering with Stimline since 2015 on delivering a back-end for their wire line operations management software as well as building their multi-platform mobile dashboard.
We have been partnering with Videomining since 2015 on building a proxy for video stream translations as well as a portal to automate their QA, Shipping and other manufacturing processes related to camera production.
We have started partnering with Knowlarity on various fronts to augment their existing suite of products as well as build dashboards to enable analytics of the performance of their key offering - VoIP telephony.
We have started working with SpeedUp AB since 2014 as an extended software development arm - delivering both on their back-end as well as their mobile platforms.
We are helping Impelsys develop xText based plugins for Eclipse for a proprietary grammar used in the medical domain.
We have developed a strategic partnership with Azoti in building web-based and mobile solutions for them to ensure orders, delivery and effective scheduling of farm produce can be managed effectively.