Company Culture
As a company we believe in having fun in what we do. As a result we have a very informal work environment which promotes co-operation and learning. Our office layout is very open and fosters discussions and sharing of knowledge. Regular seminars and presentations are a way of life and are given significant weight in annual appraisals. There are no rigid hierarchical structures and all channels of communication are available for everyone.

We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly believe in treating everyone fairly. Those who deliver are given enhanced responsibilities and opportunities.

We value attitude more than aptitude, with special emphasis on pro-activity.

We do not like to assign tasks and micro-manage people but would assign responsibilities instead, which can bring out the best in people.

Some of our very employee friendly events and policies are

  • Regular training programs on upcoming technologies and on soft skills
  • Formal employee referral program
  • Flexi-time and work from home, whenever necessary
  • Awards for publications in journals and magazines
  • A well stocked library with subscriptions to many international magazines
  • Company organized ten day vacation trip for employees and families during the annual Puja Holidays.
  • Company organized three day vacation trip from employees and families to the mountains during summer
  • Company organized annual Christmas/New Year party
  • Annual Picnic
  • Daily evening snacks for all employees at company expense
  • Group film shows
  • A recreation to provide occasional breaks from work
  • Sabbatical leaves and special awards on completing five and ten years of service
  • Interest free loans
In the yet to be released Bengali film, Phoring, almost all our employees have played a role (minor/major) and this has been acknowledged in the film.

We collaborate with AIESEC to bring in interns from various parts of the world to work with us and enjoy the Apt experience.